Great conclusion to a successful business conference

Today we concluded our <digital week> with a nice talk with the firesys team, lots of customer praise and a fun bingo game. We still feel overwhelmed by the multi-faceted impressions, the high number of participants, the commendable feedbacks and of course the contributed know-how of our guest speakers.

We would like to thank our TOP speakers

  • Dr. Eloy Barrantes (CEO, nexxar)
  • Stephan Gramkow (Co-Head of Investor Relations, United Internet AG)
  • Dr. Christian Herold (Partner, FAS)
  • Klaus Rainer Kirchhoff (Founder and CEO, Kirchhoff Consult AG)
  • Georg Lanfermann (Präsident, DRSC e.V.)
  • Nora Lindner (Consultant Financial Reporting, FAS)
  • Prof. Dr. Sven Morich (Vizepräsident, DRSC e.V.)
  • Sabrina Over (Abteilungsleiterin Evidenzwesen, Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH)
  • Björn Seidel (Partner PwC, Vorstand XBRL Deutschland e.V.)
  • Ingo Speich (Head of Sustainability & Corporate Governance, DekaBank Investment)
  • Hans Stallinger (Manager Accounting Projects, Sixt Leasing SE)
  • Nikolai Tauscher (Geschäftsführer, igroup)
  • Bernhard Treitler (Expert IFRS, VERBUND AG)
  • Ranga Yogeshwar (Autor, Wissenschaftsjournalist, Moderator)

All presentations and recordings are available in the customer area.

We start a hopefully sunny Whitsun weekend proud, grateful and inspired.

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