New customer – B&C Industrieholding

We are excited to welcome our new client B&C Industrieholding.

Wholly-owned by the B&C Private Foundation, B&C Industrieholding GmbH operates as the management company entrusted with managing and fostering the continuous development of the major Austrian industrial companies of the B&C Group.

We are especially delighted that the B&C Group with its holding companies acts as the core shareholder or majority owner of our already existing customers AMAG Austria Metall AG, Lenzing AG and Semperit AG Holding. The B&C Group maintains these core holdings under long-term strategic considerations and we greatly appreciate their long-standing partnership with us.

The B&C Group aims to ensure that these companies’ research centers and headquarters permanently remain in Austria. B&C actively supports its core investments’ long-term and major projects, particularly those designed to promote expansion in global markets. Therefore the B&C Group to significantly and comprehensively contributes to the long-term success of its core investments and, in turn, promotes Austria as a business location.


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