New customer – IONOS Group SE

Europe's leading digitalisation partner and reliable cloud enabler for SMEs relies on firesys.

IONOS Group SE stands for innovative, web-based products and applications. In addition to the constant optimisation as well as ensuring the reliable operation of all services, the IONOS programmers, product managers and technical administrators have worked on numerous projects in the areas of Cloud Solutions and Web Presence & Productivity. These include, for example, the expansion of "Database-as-a-Service" with MongoDB as a document-based NoSQL database, the introduction of the open source solution "Managed Stackable" as the first managed big data product and the launch of a text generator with AI technology in the homepage construction kit MyWebsite. IONOS is planning a number of further AI product innovations for the second half of the year.

We are delighted that IONOS is relying on firesys to produce their corporate reports in the financial and sustainability areas.

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