Börse Social Magazine – 250 Years of the Vienna Stock Exchange!

At the end of the 250th anniversary year of the Vienna Stock Exchange, firesys has the honour of presenting the highlight, the "Most Casual Moment in Vienna Stock Exchange History".

The winner was Raiffeisen Bank International AG with its spectacular IPO. Herbert Stepic and Martin Grüll fondly remember this unbelievable moment that had a lasting impact on the stock exchange, the stock market players and the employees of the RBI Group.

For firesys, too, the IPO marked the start of a long-standing business relationship for which we are very grateful to RBI - especially Annemarie Lackner, Ulf Leichsenring, and Franz Zdichynec.

In addition to the presentation of the highlight, you will also find an interview with Diana Kaufhold in the magazine. Here is a small excerpt:

As the presenter of the highlight from 250 years of stock market history, I am very proud to be able to honour Raiffeisen Bank International AG, because the IPO in 2005 was also a highlight for firesys, as our software was introduced for this purpose. When I think of events in Vienna, our customer events come to mind, which we were able to organise at RBI or Verbund, for example - great events that we look back on with pleasure. The CIRA annual conferences should not go unmentioned. We always enjoy being there and are happy to be part of the community. As we accompany more than 80 per cent of the ATX members in their annual reporting, there are many special moments for which we are very grateful. Clients who take us from company to company, or in the recent past successful acquisitions at OeKB and OeNB. We are looking forward to more! We are very much looking forward to being in the beautiful again more often.

Read the full article in German here.

Here you can find the German complete edition of the magazine: https://boerse-social.com/magazine

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