Experts about firesys

Addiko Bank AG

Bernadette Afritsch Director Group Financial Reporting
Since firesys is built directly into the familiar Excel and Word interfaces, it is very easy to use and can be used in a variety of ways, even across departments, without requiring a great deal of training.

ALH Gruppe

Karl Hochstadt Head of Department in the central division of Management Board/Press Office
The ALH Gruppe first used firesys for creating the 2016 annual reports and the narrative reporting system for Solvency II. The program was used during operation of the report creation for seven annual reports and was successfully introduced within a short time. Our processes were clearly optimised by this introduction, in particular by the elimination of intermediate steps, which would otherwise have necessitated the use of external service providers for typesetting and printing. We were very satisfied with the support from the expert and helpful firesys staff - altogether a most worthwhile investment!

Allane SE

Stefan Kraus Investor Relations
With firesys, the creation of financial reports became noticeably easier already in the first year. The familiar Microsoft Office working environment, the linking of Excel tables to the Word file plus no need to rely on an external typesetter has led to a clearly more efficient process that is less subject to errors.

Allianz SE

Miriam Alefsen Group Accounting and Reporting | Financial Reporting
Mit der Einführung von firesys und SmartNotes konnten wir unseren Berichterstellungsprozess weiter automatisieren und beschleunigen. Wir produzieren und layouten unsere Berichte ohne fremde Hilfe anstatt auf externe Dienstleister zurückzugreifen. Die Software ist intuitiv sowie benutzerfreundlich und stellt somit ein lohnendes Investment für uns dar.


Oliver König Head of Finance & Controlling
We have been using firesys since 2005 to create the group notes to the financial statement and have been able to increase our efficiency, in particular by the cross-system consistency of the figures from consolidation up to the finished document and by the use of familiar programmes (Word and Excel).

ALH Gruppe

Karl Hochstadt Head of Department in the central division of Management Board/Press Office
The ALH Group first used firesys for creating the 2016 annual reports and the narrative reporting system for Solvency II. The program was used during operation of the report creation for seven annual reports and was successfully introduced within a short time. Our processes were clearly optimised by this introduction, in particular by the elimination of intermediate steps, which would otherwise have necessitated the use of external service providers for typesetting and printing. We were very satisfied with the support from the expert and helpful firesys staff - altogether a most worthwhile investment!

AMAG Austria Metall AG

Mag. Christoph M. Gabriel Head of Investor Relations and Issuer Compliance
firesys makes a significant contribution to efficient and responsive reporting. A quick support service ensures that individual issues are dealt with swiftly.


MMag. Markus Paier Group Controlling
With firesys, we have been able to revolutionise the process of preparing the financial statements. Thanks to the numerous automated and reliable work stages regarding design and layout, we were able to concentrate on the content aspects until shortly before publication.

AssetMetrix GmbH

Daniel Lay Team Lead Reporting
As Europe's leading provider of high-end analytics and individual asset servicing, we rely on the most modern portal technology for visualisation of our products. When creating the quarterly reports in classic formats (PDF, print), AssetMetrix uses firesys, the established software solution. With this, we benefit from fully automated processes and reliable processing of our data.


Sebastian Pötig, Finanzkommunikation Financial Communication
Efficient processes despite increasing complexity in financial reporting – firesys supports us here!

Austrian Power Grid AG

Mag. Herwig Mindl Head of Accounting & Finance
We use firesys for creating our annual reports. Its use has made us faster, more independent and above all more efficient!

AVL List GmbH

Florian Gradwohl Corporate Finance & Group Controlling
We use firesys for the preparation of annual accounts and in internal reporting, where the introduction of firesys has brought us a significant increase in efficiency. We also appreciate the appealing modern design of tables and texts, which can be easily created and adapted with the help of firesys.

Axel Springer SE

Claudia Thomé Leiterin Investor Relations
We decided on firesys for the production of our annual report, because it enables us when setting to enter changes ourselves in the final layout, at any time and at short notice. Intermediate stages of the report, for example for coordination meetings, can be created very quickly in-house. The option of maintaining the figures centrally in Excel and then updating them in the complete document saves time and reduces errors in the process.

Basler Sachversicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft

Uwe Böer Head of Accounting Department
The Basler Versicherungen companies decided to introduce firesys in 2010. For preparing the financial statements under "fast close" conditions, we have been able to bring some processes regarding annual report creation back in house. The firesys software has put us in a position of being able to create the documents quickly and in excellent quality with our own staff. And in parallel we have converted the printing processes to digital print, thanks to the excellent PDF originals. Our investment showed a profit already after the second year. Along with the software solution, we were particularly impressed and helped by quick and easy contact to the staff. We always received rapid and expert help from our adviser. Today, we can express that as "super service, great product, use again at any time".

Bayer AG

Jörg Schäfer Head of Corporate & Image Publications
The processes used for creating our financial publications have become faster and more secure, and therefore more efficient, thanks to the use of firesys.

Bayerische Landesbank

Marijana Cuic Financial Office, Rating & Investor Relations
With firesys BayernLB has a user-friendly tool at its disposal with which corporate reports can be created and published cost-efficiently in the corporate design. After the annual report, all financial publications of BayernLB were successively converted to the creation with firesys.

Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA

Lena Vynogradova Vice President / Head of Policies
The process of creating our notes to the group financial statement (both in German and in English) has increased in efficiency thanks to the use of firesys. In particular, the automatic input of tables and numbers within the running text makes preparation of the financial reports considerably easier.


Mag. Hubert Cuder Head of Accounting and Controlling
We created the 2020 annual report with firesys for the first time. We are very satisfied with the result. We were significantly faster in the preparation and with the automatic import of figures, some tedious correction loops were eliminated. Working together on different parts of the text (stories) was also very efficient. Our colleagues from the communication department were positively surprised at how professionally the layout was implemented.


Lena Kerkhoff Senior Director Group Accounting & Consolidation
Durch firesys konnten wir unsere interne monatliche Berichterstattung an das Management äußerst effizient und mit minimalem manuellen Aufwand erstellen.

Burckhardt Compression AG

Matthias Hugentobler Group Controller
The gains in efficiency that we have able to achieve with firesys when preparing some parts of the annual report are considerable. firesys stands out because of its very intuitive operation.

CA Immobilien Anlagen Aktiengesellschaft

Susanne Steinböck Head of Company Communication
The gains in efficiency that we have able to achieve with firesys when preparing some parts of the annual report are considerable. firesys stands out because of its very intuitive operation.

Commerzbank AG

Michael Desprez Investor Relations
As firesys users from the very beginning, we create large parts of our annual report and our interim reports from start to finish in the final layout; efficiently and without external coordination loops - and all this with Word and Excel in a familiar technical working environment.

Continental Aktien­gesellschaft

Marcus Lieberum Manager Investor Relations
firesys has been supporting Continental since 2006 with digital solutions for the preparation of financial and sustainability reporting. With firesys, the Continental team can easily implement financial reporting across departments and geographically independent of each other. firesys is very reliable and always focuses on the diverse requirements of the customer.

Covestro Deutschland AG

Marcel Curto Group Financial Disclosures
By using firesys, we have found it possible to carry out the major part of the report in a single system. Time-consuming correction can be eliminated, helping us to keep to our ambitious schedule. In addition, thanks to standardised format templates (table layout, headings etc.), we are able to achieve a greater quality of design.

cyan AG

Martin Laure Investor Relations & Finance
For us, the flexibility to be able to handle everything up to publication without further media breaks is important. In doing so, firesys enables the efficient design of tables and texts with a familiar user interface.

Deka Vermögensmanagement GmbH

Bianca Werhan Head of Asset Management Reporting and Contract Management
We create the contractual documents for our various asset management products via firesys. Despite all the differences within the individual products, the focus for us is on an overarching consistency. firesys makes it easier for us to conveniently handle identical and different content due to the possibilities of multiple content use and facilitates updates via the status control of the content.

DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale

Olaf Nolting Head of Electronic Sales Services
We decided on firesys for the the in-house production of our almost one hundred accounting reports per month, because after thorough testing it has shown itself to be a high performance, flexible and not least economical editing system for fund publications.

Deutsche Börse AG

Dr. Ruth Müller Group Marketing – Content Marketing & Editorial Services / Project Management Company Report
Since 2004, we have been using firesys to create the management report and the group notes. The system helps us to reconcile the ever-shorter deadlines and the ever-increasing legal and regulatory demands. Thanks to the intuitive user guidance and the familiar environment (MS Word and Excel), we are able to devise our processes efficiently  and – when and wherever necessary – to react with the necessary flexibility to unforeseen situations. However, it is not just the firesys technology that makes this possible for us, but also and above all the committed firesys staff. Working together is always a pleasure.

Dialog Semiconductor GmbH

Carsten Dahl Finance Director
As a customer from the very beginning, we have now been using firesys for 13 years. We can no longer imagine our daily tasks without firesys. As a stock exchange listed company (Dialog Semiconductor PLC, London),  we are subject to ever tighter schedules as regards reporting; without firesys, this would be almost impossible with our current capacity.


Tanja Figge Leiterin Öffentlich­keitsarbeit
firesys makes our processes more efficient, without having to give up our high demands on design.

DONAU Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group

Mag. Gabriele H. Schüttbacher Corporate Communications
By using firesys, we were able to improve the data consistency in reports considerably and make the process of report creation more efficient. Creating layout from various sources is also no longer a big problem, which means no loss of important resources and when creating reports we are able to focus fully and totally on the content.


Basile Delvaux de Fenffe Group Accounting/Reporting
The use of firesys has clearly moved us forwards in creating national and international reports. High data quality due to the use of the validation rules, multiple languages and professional, uniform layout in all reports, with a low expenditure of time. What more could you want?

Erste Abwicklungs­anstalt

Dr. Michael Marek Finance & Taxes, Team Leader for Reporting and Participation Support
By complementing our SmartNotes tools from AMANA Consulting with firesys, we were able to slim down our preparation procedures for interim and annual financial statement considerably and make them more flexible, as well as saving on production costs.

Erste Group Bank AG

Thomas Sommerauer Head of Investor Relations
Thanks to firesys, we are able to concentrate on the contents in all phases of the preparation of the annual or quarterly reports; repeated proofing and correction cycles with agencies are no longer necessary. The automatic input of table values makes preparing the publications very much easier. And we must not forget to mention the high quality of service from the firesys staff.


Florian Heindl CFA Group Treasury & Investor Relations
firesys helps us to be better, faster and less error-prone with our financial reporting. The range of functions offered is diverse and we will continue to expand it step by step within the company.

Franke Management AG

Reto Lüscher Group Controlling
The Franke group has been using firesys for several years for the creation of consolidated reports according to IFRS. The fact that with firesys we are in the familiar programs of Word and Excel makes working very pleasant. Changes at short notice can therefore be entered quickly and independently.

Freudenberg SE

Martina Franke Senior Manager Corporate Accounting
By using firesys, we are able to act flexibly and efficiently, particularly in the hot phase.

Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung AG

Mag. Christiane Riel-Kinzer Head of Accounting
We use firesys for the preparation of the annual report as well as for the regulatory reporting within the scope of Solvency II. firesys enables us to have several divisions working on a report at the same time. This is a great advantage, especially in the reporting phase, which is often challenging in terms of time. The linking of Excel tables with Word files is also especially useful, allowing content to be updated quickly and in a user-friendly manner.

HORNBACH Holding AG & Co. KGaA

Axel Müller Head of Investor Relations
Particularly for a company that has very many internal and external shareholders and therefore also has proofreading and correction cycles in the process of creating a report, firesys is a very valuable tool. Above all, it is our independence from external service providers, the easy operation and the possibility of doing everything ourselves - even, if we must, at all times of the day and night and without prior notice - that we greatly esteem in this system.

IFCO Management GmbH

Dirk Grösgen Director Group Financials & Accounting
firesys helps us to achieve more professional and appealing external reporting and to further automate and accelerate our reporting process.


Bettina Schragl Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
By using firesys, we have been able to streamline our financial reporting process and simplify collaboration across different departments. The firesys Disclosure Management System offers significant time savings through fast updating and automated translation of tables. The familiar Word and Excel environment allows for ease of use with great flexibility to perform customisation. And the competent, eloquent customer service and support guides report writers through the process as needed. We are very satisfied with firesys!

innogy SE

Martin Jäger Manager Investor Relations
The use of firesys guarantees an efficient and safe way of working throughout hectic reporting periods. The simple handling of firesys ensures that even unskilled users get used to the programme very quickly.

KELAG-Kärntner Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft

Mag. Pia-Maria Gartler-Maletz MBA Team Leader - Group Accounting
For us, the introduction of firesys brought about a definite increase in efficiency for report creation. Thanks to firesys, we are flexible and even last-minute changes are possible to make quickly and without problems.

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Jeannette Brakemeier Press and Information Consultant – Group Marketing
With firesys + SmartNotes, we make sure we meet our quality requirements for the LBBW financial reports. We have also strengthened cross-departmental cooperation and slimmed down the processes. The icing on the cake is that we also save time and costs.

Landes-Hypothekenbank Steiermark AG

Mag. (FH) Judith Delago-Grabner Bank Accounting
The preparation of annual reports and other publications using firesys optimises the report creation process, reduces proofing and correction cycles and, all in all, increases efficiency for all those involved.

Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft

Mag. Daniel Winkelmeier Corporate Communications
By implementing firesys in our financial reporting, we are more independent of external service providers, which enables us to achieve important cost and efficiency benefits.

LVM Versicherung

Christoph Kotte Accounting
For the annual report of LVM Versicherung, firesys offers us the advantages that we had hoped for: user-friendly, transparent, secure and in addition efficient and economical. Positive feedback from our employees and also from the auditors provide us with excellent confirmation.


Nicolas Maier Head of Accounting Group
Since 2017, the use of firesys software has helped us to produce the majority of MAN's annual report in-house and to meet our challenging deadlines. We have learned to appreciate the fast import of the financial figures into the tables of our Word work documents.

Mayr-Melnhof Karton AG

Stephan Sweerts-Sporck Head of Investor Relations
Author corrections can be made right up until the end in-house and the printers produce directly from the PDF files which we create. This means that we have clearly improved quality in the creation process and at the same time have saved on costs.


Katharina Meisel Head of Branding & Publishing, Corporate Communications and Public Policy
By introducing firesys, we have been able o make definite improvements in the processes for creating annual reports. As we no longer need to transfer into other formats and can work in Word and Excel right up until going to press, the expenditure on proofing is much reduced and the incidence of errors is much lower. At a relatively early stage of the project, we already have a layout to show, which is particularly useful in coordination discussions, for example.

Miba AG

Martina Weiss Head of Corporate Finance
firesys has made a major contribution to slimming down and speeding up our financial statement processes. Different report formats can now be created largely automatically in-house, minimising expensive proofing and correction cycles and manual corrections.

MorphoSys AG

Dr. Claudia Gutjahr-Löser Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
Thanks to firesys, we have been able to create our financial reports most efficiently –When creating the notes for the annual report, we have been able to make considerable time savings by using firesys. a considerable relief, meaning we can do away time-consuming proofing and correction cycles.


Mag. Arzu Sakin Head of Group Consolidation
We have been using firesys for our internal reporting since 2011. The tool has made it possible for us to make our internal processes easier, faster and therefore more efficient.

OMV Aktiengesellschaft

Stefan Postaru Vice President Accounting and Financial Reporting
When creating the notes for the annual report, we have been able to make considerable time savings by using firesys.

Österreichische Bundesbahnen-Holding Aktiengesellschaft

Mag. Doris Steiner Group Accounting IFRS
The ÖBB Group has been using firesys since 2011 to create group financial statements and the group management report. Furthermore, with the help of firesys we are preparing three part group financial statements and part group management reports, and firesys is also used to create numerous annual financial statements and management reports for subsidiary companies. As we create our annual report in-house, we decided to acquire an editing system which compared to others has the advantage of functioning based on Excel and Word.

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft

Jana Jugovits Controlling & Master Data Management, Project Manager
With our partner firesys, we have managed a system change in a relatively short time. Since 2020, we have been producing our annual financial report (incl. ESEF), our sustainability report and our export service annual report with our partner's product. The experience of the last few months has shown that firesys is a reliable and cost-efficient solution provider for us.

Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Mag. Lenka Krsnakova Abteilungs­leiterin Bilanzi­erung und Steuer­angelegen­heiten
We are using firesys for the first time to prepare the 2021 annual financial statements. In the course of the introduction and test phase, we have modernised a number of internal processes and automated upstream data deliveries to the numerous particles. We expect efficiency gains after the set-up phase in subsequent years – also in view of a possible future expansion of use.

Österreichische Post Aktien­gesellschaft

Mag. Gerhard Zach Investor Relations
With firesys, we have been able to make major improvements to our report creation processing. We have not only become faster in our creation process due to firesys, but the quality of the reports has also definitely increased.


Hannes Roither Konzernsprecher Corporate Communications
Speed, efficiency and reduction of costs convinced us to work with firesys. This is the only way we can manage to publish an integrated annual report as early as the beginning of February.


Nadine Kühnle Senior Manager, Accounting Consolidation
What I particularly value about firesys is the wonderful service commitment of the staff. Also, we will in future gain precious time thanks to the automated validation, which creates a bit of space for us to concentrate on other topics at the time of the annual financial statements.

Porsche Automobil Holding SE

Larissa Schmidt Group Financial Reporting & Group Accounting
Thanks to firesys, we are in a position to make changes to our  report documents right up until shortly before we start printing. We are faster, more efficient and have fewer errors, as we do not need hold any extra coordination discussions with an agency. All the necessary preliminary work can be done in-house.

PUMA SE (Kopie)

Barbara Book Director Consolidation & Group Reporting
By using firesys for the first time, we were able to achieve a noticeable increase in efficiency in the preparation of the 2023 annual report. Thanks to the short implementation time, integration into the common Office products and the support provided by firesys, the departments involved were able to familiarize themselves with the program in a short time. The direct creation of the report in the agreed layout also significantly shortened the creation cycle.

Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Mag. Wolfgang Kettner Head of Group Reporting & Consolidation
In the RBI, we use firesys not only to create the annual reports, but also for other internal and external reporting such as for example disclosure reports according to CRR, annual financial reports, management reports and much more. The savings are made particularly in the last stages of report creation, which generally fall into a critical time phase. By dividing the reports into many part-documents ("stories") it is possible for many departments in the company to work on document preparation at once, without a great deal of time and effort spent on coordination.

Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH & Co KG

Consolidated statement Accounting and Investor Relations
We have been using firesys for several years to prepare the annual report and the report on the audit of the consolidated financial statements. We appreciate the time savings and the minimization of errors - in short with this tool we can work very efficiently.

Raiffeisen Landesbank NÖ-Wien AG / Raiffeisen-Holding NÖ-Wien

Consolidated statement Accounting and Investor Relations
firesys is a very useful tool for creating annual reports for the Raiffeisen Holding and RLB NÖ-Wien. The editing system minimises transfer errors, increases efficiency, saves time and eases coordination between the individual departments.

Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG

Mag. (FH) Judith Delago-Grabner Bank Accounting
The preparation of annual reports and other publications using firesys optimises the report creation process, reduces proofing and correction cycles and, all in all, increases efficiency for all those involved.

RENK Aktiengesellschaft

Christian Breuer Marketing & Advertising
We decided on firesys for creating and producing our annual report and are delighted with this useful tool. Using firesys saves us time, eases coordination between the different departments and reduces errors in the production process.
The processes for preparing our financial publications have become faster and more secure, and thereby more efficient, through using firesys.

Reply S.p.A.

Michael Lückenkötter Direktor Investor Relations
After the majority takeover by the Italian company Reply SpA, English became the definitive language for us in the management and supervisory boards. firesys contributed significantly to our being able to present the annual report in German and English to the committee meeting in March, in the appropriate quality and on time .  


Christina Kamleitner Expert Consolidation
The introduction of firesys brought a significant increase in efficiency, which has made the processes for creating our publications faster and easier. Furthermore, we very much appreciate the quick and competent support.

Robert Bosch GmbH

Christine Loycke Head of Financial Reporting
At Robert Bosch GmbH, firesys has been used successfully for many years to prepare the consolidated financial statements. What is particularly important to us is the fast, reliable transfer and updating of data, which saves a lot of time in the labour-intensive phase of preparing the financial statements.

ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG

Jörg Ludwig Head of Financial Accounting
After firesys has already established itself for our annual report, we are now using the software successfully for the regulatory reporting as part of Solvency II.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG

Marc Malmer Corporate Accounting
firesys reduces the agency bottleneck: We only have the image pages prepared by a creative agency and integrate them. In the actual financial report, we are completely autonomous. Which means that we can work on the documents until the last minute and input changes. After that, we create a PDF for publishing on the Internet and for printing. This means that we save on the time-consuming coordination processes with the agency and the printers and can concentrate completely on the contents.


Alexander Pöschl Senior Manager Investor Relations, Corporate and ESG Communications
With the introduction of firesys, we were able to make the processes in the production of our financial publications significantly more efficient. We appreciate the high process reliability, the independence from an external typesetting studio and the service quality of the firesys customer support.

Salzgitter Aktiengesellschaft

Yvonne Gimpel-Grondei Senior Consultant Investor Relations and Bernd Wehke, Senior Consultant Group Accounting (2015)
We have been working with firesys since 2007. We are now using nearly all the modules, from languagewords to linktables. By using firesys, we are in a position to create the annual report and the quarterly financial statements across departments, efficiently and securely. For instance, among other tests we carry out extensive plausibility checks with firesys and make use of the uniform translations of specialised terms for the reports.

Sartorius AG

Maximilian Schultheis Investor Relations
Sartorius AG has been using firesys since 2008, and we particularly appreciate the excellent support from the customer service team, which excels at solving problems quickly and efficiently, even in time-critical processes. In addition, firesys is cost-efficient because reporting is possible without an additional service provider (agency) and can be perfectly and easily expanded to include new reports (e.g. GRI).


Bela Czigony Head of Accounting, Reporting & Tax
firesys has been supporting us with our internal reporting since 2016. With the firesys standard layout, we create our reports in an appealing and uniform layout. In addition to the interface to Excel, which allows us to update figures from Excel in the report at any time, we also appreciate the ability to switch between the two software languages German and English.

SDK Unternehmens­gruppe

Goran Divkovic Authorised Representative and Head of Department for Finance / Corporate Management
firesys makes the report creation process easier for us due to the interaction of Excel and Word. When setting up standardised tables in the desired uniform design, firesys involves a little more work in the initial stages, but this is however worthwhile over time. Input values, tables and diagrams can simply be updated in the report. firesys documents the updates activated, which improves efficiency and makes the checking process easier. Dividing and merging the individual stories to form a whole document works flawlessly and noticeably increases the efficiency of the report creation process.

Semperit Aktiengesellschaft Holding

Stefan Marin Head of Investor Relations
With firesys, we are flexible and apart from photographs can deal with everything ourselves. And the efficiency of translation has increased markedly, as the translator(s) can work directly in the document.


Dr. Jürgen Reck Investor Relations
We use firesys to create the quarterly reports and the annual report. The introduction of firesys has led to greater efficiency and flexibility in external reporting and has as a whole speeded up the processes and made them more efficient.


Ramona Zettl Head of Investor Relations & Special Projects
With firesys we were able to realize the desired process efficiency and improvement in business and financial reporting with connection to our internal systems within a very short time without any problems. We particularly appreciate the intuitive, user-friendly application of the software, the many functionalities such as translation or updating "at the push of a button" and the competent and helpful firesys employees!

Sixt SE

Katja Gruve Group Accounting
With firesys, the creation of our financial reports has become noticeably easier. The linking of data into the reports and the ability to create reports from the first draft to the final version (pdf, xbrl) directly in firesys has led to a much more efficient and faster process.


Petr Brehovský Financial Statements and External Reporting
For us, firesys means that our work is much easier and faster when we are creating our annual report.


Ulrike Ebner Head of Business Modelling / Risk Management
Solvency II means that the extent of reporting in the insurance sector has increased considerably. firesys enables structured and efficient reporting and supports us in ensuring consistency in a wide range of reports. The operation of firesys is familiar, on the one hand, because of the Excel and Word and on the other hand very intuitive and enables complete in-house creation of a wide range of very different reports.


Birgit Kümmel Head of Group Communication
Given the scheduling, always very tight, of annual report preparation and the many departments involved, firesys helps us work transparently in a team and also to clarify layout matters at a very early stage.

Swiss Steel Holding AG

Burkhard Wagner Vice President Corporate Finance & Investor Relations
Dank firesys erstellen wir unseren Geschäfts- und Halbjahresbericht effizient, kostensparend und individuell gestaltet nach unserem Corporate Design. Obwohl viele unterschiedliche Stellen an denselben Dokumenten arbeiten, können wir ohne Unterstützung von Drittanbietern den Bericht inhouse produzieren. firesys ist leicht zu bedienen. Falls man aber trotzdem mal Unterstützung braucht, steht eine überaus kompetente Betreuung stets zur Seite.

Telekom Austria AG

Anita Gari Group Consolidation
What we like best about firesys is that we can retrieve the numbers in the group financial statement directly from the SAP report. And we can do this in the final layout, in which we can if required make corrections and changes ourselves right up to the last minute.

thyssenkrupp AG

Dragica Sikic Project Head Annual and Quarterly Reports (Corporate Communications)
We introduced firesys in 2015 and since then we have been more efficient, faster and more secure in the process of reporting.

Trei Real Estate GmbH

Boris Hoffmann Head of Corporate Accounting
We created our first annual report with the help of firesys and are thrilled with both the technology and the people behind it.

UNIQA Insurance Group AG

Stefan Glinz Investor Relations Manager
firesys helps us to create the UNIQA Group report as well as other annual reports of our insurance companies much faster and more reliably than in the past.

United Internet AG

Stephan Gramkow Co-Head of Investor Relations
With firesys, we can make the creation of the annual report much more efficient. The number of correction rounds has been significantly reduced and the separate creation of a layout version is no longer necessary for us. Since we are working in the familiar MS Office environment, the training effort was low. We can now create an online annual report at the push of a button.


Mag. Leopold Rohrer Head of Department of Controlling, Company Accounting and Group Risk Management
firesys has already been in use at VERBUND for many years. Both the technical applications and the highly professional support provided by the employees of firesys GmbH meet our expectations. In 2020, the implementation of toolsxbrl in the context of ESEF financial reporting in particular was efficiently carried out thanks to the energetic support of firesys.


Sylvia Machherndl & Chantal Rannersberger Corporate External Reporting-Team
We have been working with firesys since 2009 to create our group annual report. The simple operation and the interface of Excel and Word have convinced us right from the start. The regular training options and the firesys information days contribute to the information we receive about the latest stage of development of the system. We look forward to a continuing successful cooperation with the firesys team in the future as well.

Volkswagen AG

Holger Peckmann Finance Publicity
For Holger Peckmann it is important that all entries and changes can be carried out without the assistance of external service providers - including for tables and diagrams.

Volkswagen Financial Services AG

Brigitte Dahms-Singelmann Consolidation & Annual Report
The best in process excellence. I would now not want to miss out on the freedom gained from firesys, from the first word right up to publication.


Senior-Referent Sarah Weinbrenner Group Financial Reporting
We have been using firesys to create our annual report since 2013. After a brief introductory phase in the fourth quarter of 2013, we were already experiencing in the initial run a shortening of the process between content preparation and print. The operation also convinced us, which means that we have extended report creation with firesys to quarterly and Solvency II reports.

Wienerberger AG

Barbara Braunöck Leiterin Investor Relations
In the hot phase, when the final numbers were ready, we saved a lot of time - and of course also typesetting costs. firesys was a very sensible investment for us.


Mag. Christian Kreuzer Unternehmenskommunikation
Since 2009, Wiener Städtische Versicherung has been using firesys for the creation of annual reports. The firesys software makes it easy to work independently and transfer contents from Excel into Word quickly and user-friendly. Even last-minute adaptation can be fulfilled. We have two separate fields of application: on one hand the standard report for internal reports and, on the other hand, the own individual layout for the company reports. Since 2017, the solvency reports have also been created with firesys.

Wolford Aktiengesellschaft

Maresa Hoffmann Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
Mit firesys haben wir einen kompetenten Anbieter für die Erstellung unserer Finanzpublikationen gefunden. Hervorzuheben ist auch das hohe Servicelevel der firesys-Mitarbeiter, die durch ihre Kompetenz und verlässliche Arbeitsweise überzeugen!

XOLARIS Service Kapitalverwaltungs-AG

Andreas Fritsch Vorstand Risikomanagement
We started using firesys for our risk disclosure statements in 2017. The software enables us to make our internal proceedings become easier, faster, comprehensible and hence more efficient.

Ed. Züblin AG

Birgit Kümmel Head of Group Communication
Given the very tight scheduling situation when preparing annual reports and the many departments involved,  firesys helps us to work transparently in a team and also to clarify layout questions at a very early stage.

Zumtobel Group AG

Emanuel Hagspiel Senior Director Investor Relations
We have been using firesys for around 15 years. In that time, reporting requirements have increased massively and firesys has always had a simple, fast and efficient answer to our needs.
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