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Since 2020, BKS Bank AG has relied fully on the expertise and smart solutions of firesys. Annual and sustain­ability reports are imple­mented in-house in compliance with ESEF.

Mag. Hubert Cuder
Head of Accounting and Controlling

We created the 2020 annual report with firesys for the first time. We are very satisfied with the result. We were significantly faster in the creation and with the automatic import of figures, some tedious correction­loops were eliminated. Working together on different parts of the text (particles) was also very efficient. Our colleagues from the communications department were pleasantly surprised at how professionally the layout was implemented.

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Continental AG

Continental AG has been a customer since 2006 and uses firesys to imple­ment all reports in German and English, including the annual and sustain­ability reports.

Marcus Lieberum
Manager Investor Relations

firesys has been supporting Continental since 2006 with digital solutions for the preparation of financial and sustainability reporting. With firesys, the Continental team can easily implement financial reporting across departments and geographically independent of each other. firesys is very reliable and always focuses on the diverse requirements of the customer.

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FACC AG is one of our long-standing customers in Austria. A company that relies on our built-in tagging solution for its annual and sustain­ability reports and is well pre­pared for the upcoming regulatory hurdles.

Florian Heindl
CFA Group Treasury & Investor Relations

firesys helps us to be better, faster and less error­prone with our financial reporting. The range of functions offered is diverse and is being expanded step by step within the company.

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Novomatic has relied on our advanced solutions since 2011. Autarkic pro­duction of the annual and sustain­ability report, the Novomatic team relies on our built-in tagging solution and is there­fore also well positioned for ESG data tagging.

Mag. Arzu Sakin
Head of Group Consolidation

We have been using firesys for our internal reporting and the annual report with integrated sustainability report since 2011. The software has enabled us to make our internal processes simpler, faster and thus more efficient. We appreciate the partnership-based cooperation.

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Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktien­gesellschaft (OeKB)

OeKB has been using firesys success­fully since 2020. The financial and sustain­ability report is produced with firesys – ESEF-compliant.

Jana Jugovits
Controlling & Master Data Management, Project Manager

With our partner firesys, we have managed a system­change in a relatively short time. Since 2020, we have been preparing our annual financial report (incl. ESEF), our sustain­ability report and our export service annual­report with our partner's product. The experience of the last few months has shown that firesys is a reliable and cost­efficient solution provider for us.

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SAF-HOLLAND SE has been using firesys since 2019. The business and sustain­ability report is imple­mented in lands­cape format – ESEF-compliant in German and English.

Alexander Pöschl
Senior Manager Investor Relations, Corporate and ESG Communications

With the introduction of firesys, we were able to make the processes involved in the creation of our financial­publications significantly more efficient. We appreciate the high process reliability, the independence from an external type­setting studio, and the service quality of the firesys customer support.

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United Internet AG

United Internet AG has been using firesys since 2019. United Internet uses the full firesys product range and imple­ments both the annual report and sustain­ability report with firesys, machine­readable (ESEF/XBRL) and as an online report.

Stephan Gramkow
Co-Head of Investor Relations

With firesys, we can make the creation of the annual report much more efficient. The number of correction rounds has been significantly reduced and the separate creation of a layout version is no longer necessary for us. Since we are working in the familiar MS Office environment, the training effort was low. We can now create an online business report at the push of a button.

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Verbund AG

VERBUND has been a firesys customer since 2010 and also relies on our built-in ESEF solution for multi­lingual corporate reporting. It should be emphasized that VERBUND has been publi­shing an inte­grated annual report since 2015 and is thus one of the pioneers of inte­grated repor­ting, not only in Austria.

Mag. Leopold Rohrer
Division Manager Controlling, Corporate Accounting and Risk Management Group

firesys has already been in use at VERBUND for many years. Both the technical applications and the highly professional support provided by the employees of firesys GmbH meet our expectations. In the past fiscal year, the imple­mentation of toolsxbrl as part of the ESEF financial reporting process was carried out efficiently thanks to the active support of firesys.

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